Igor Zotik

igor-zotik In the extreme contaminated basket overfull with fruits – reminders of the last electronic wave, real-life rejuvenation is the meeting with a concept issued from the view through the prism of the electronic and specific sound dance based material. Inspired from the Detroit Techno and Chicago House scene and his own researches in and about new course of electronic sound, Igor Zotik tracks down the true formula of peculiarity in the vast ocean of New World production.As a person who in his musical education has passed through all of the institutional rungs – elementary school of music art, high school of music art and the musical academy as well as a person who is active in playing piano – I consider that the “organic sounds” are the source of digital technology which now has already developed in entirely other direction with its specialties, that today have a less distinctive significant common ground with its “ancestor”. The perfect word for what I want to say in fact is – EVOLUTION.